KUDOS HP Series 53kHz Ultrasonic Cleaners

HP Series 53kHz Ultrasonic Cleaners

User-friendly Control Panel
Large LCD Display for easy readout
High Frequency 53kHz for fine cleaning
1% increment ultrasonic power fine-tuning
Electronic Timer from 1 to 199 minutes
Non-volatile memory
Non-glare SUS304 stainless steel

With its easy-to-use interface, amazing features, KUDOS HP Series 53kHz high frequency ultrasonic cleaners provide an ideal method to remove small partical size contaminants down to microns. Compared to a conventional 40kHz ultrasonic cleaner, KUDOS HP Series 53kHz high frequency ultrasonic cleaners feature significantly reduced noise and deeper penetration. The advanced digital control offers you maximum flexibility over the setting, all in one touch of the control panel. KUDOS HP Series High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners are available in capacities range from 3L to 22.5L.
Specifications and Ordering Information
Model Frequency Ultrasonic Power Capacity Tank Size External Size (cm) Drain Valve
SK2200HP 53kHz 90W 3L 24x14x10 26x16x22 No
SK3200HP 53kHz 135W 4.5L 30x15x10 32x17x23 No
SK3300HP 53kHz 160W 6L 30x15x15 32x17x28 No
SK5200HP 53kHz 200W 10L 30x24x15 32x26x29 Yes
SK2500HP 53kHz 250W 10L 30x24x15 32x26x29 Yes
SK6200HP 53kHz 280W 10.5L 50x14x15 52x16x31 Yes
SK7200HP 53kHz 350W 15L 33x30x15 35x32x30 Yes
SK8200HP 53kHz 500W 22.5L 50x30x15 51x32x31 Yes